Official Weigh-In: 4/11/16

Fitness Humor

And after a weekend of kicking ass… 271!!!!


Fuck You, Brain!

After getting in a little bit of arm/leg workouts at the park today, I knew once I got home I had to do a 2 mile treadmill attack. Well, I knew this would happen eventually, but my brain had other ideas… It was all like “Hey, I know, just eat healthy today and we can have a lazy day… we’ve earned it… c’mon, whaddayasay??” I sat around watching TV for about an hour and then I was figured I’d better get up and hit it. The mile mile of the walk my mind was going nonstop “yo, we don’t have to do this… I’m just not feeling it today. Let’s just give it a rest…” So as this most noble of organs kept running his mouth in the background, I kept on treading… then I had an idea… I was gonna punish my brain for being such a bitch. I decided that once I passed 2 miles, I was just gonna keep going until it shut the fuck up… Fuck you, Brain. I call the shots here… I ended up walking a little over 3.5 miles. Maybe the brain will learn that 2 miles isn’t so bad next time. If it keeps that up, I might just walk a fucking marathon. This blood pressure ain’t gonna lower itself 🙂


My playlist for the walk:

Workout Playlist 041016


Lost In Pace


Yesterday morning I woke up and did 2 miles on the treadmill, went to the park and did some arm workouts, and concluded the night with two more miles on the mill of tread. Best part of yesterday though? I discovered this fantastic creature called a Santa Fe Salad… Now whereas some of you might think it sounds like some kinda western sex torture, it is actually a salad with a lot of spicy elements. Various pepper flavorings make the world go ’round. Also, Grilled Talapia from the fine folks at Gorton’s. Not to be a complete jerk to my stomach, I also had one small slice of cheese pizza.


Playlist from both of my treadmill sessions from yesterday:
Workout Playlist 040916

Official Weigh-In: 4/8/16

Doctor Humor

The Blood Pressure Monister has been returned safely to the doctor from when it came… but not without leaving one final pleasing peace of info. The aforementioned Monister allowed me to sleep maaaaybe 4 hours last night. I woke up at 2:00, and unable to fall back out by 4:oo I said fuck it. Got up and had breakfast followed by a power walk on the treadmill. I intended the walk to be a mile, but at the end “Thrashard” by D.R.I. came on so I had to stay on until the song was over… mostly because I wanted to. Anyway, after a shower and recovery time, my final blood pressure reading before returning the Monister was 124/73!!! That might be a tad high for most of you, but that is probably the lowest I have ever seen my BP!

Then, after arriving to work, straight to the scale for the first official weigh-in… Drum roll… 273!!!! Moving in the right direction!





Tread By Shawn… Tread…By…Shawn…

Treadmill funny

’twas a night of….you guessed it… salad for dinner… (“And the winner of the Broken Record Award goes to…”). Ahh, but it was a lovely collection of vegetables topped with grilled chicken and…ahem…don’t shoot… bacon! But let me tell you about dessert!!! For dessert I had a giant creamy slice of 2.25 miles on the treadmill! Seriously, I am becoming friends with the treadmill. I did have to pause in the middle so that the Blood Pressure Monster…uh… Monitor… (Monister???) could take its reading but then I was right back into a walkin’ wonderland… Sleeping with the Blood Pressure Monister tonight is going to be a challenge, but in the immortal words of King Henry Da Fourth… “I got dis…”

[PS – Tomorrow morning is the first Official Weigh-In]
Today’s treadmill playlist:
Workout Playlist 040716

Machine Tread


Since most of today at work had me sitting at my desk, I decided to destroy some of those calorie fuckers when I got home. I did one mile on the treadmill (shredmill??) right away, took a little recovery break, ate dinner (Teriyaki Chicken and mashed potatoes – NO FUCKING SALT!!!!!), rested for an hour, then clobbered another mile on the treadmill. Step by step by step by step… this is gonna happen.
The songs that came on during my two treadmill sessions:
Workout Playlist 040616