Leave No Step Untaken

Just went for a power walk that was a bit over a mile long. Had a couple plates of salad and some fish for dinner at a local Chinese buffet (also a small amount of Mongolian Pork and boneless BBQ spare ribs… Baby steps…). I tried to be as active as possible at work today, giving myself a silly little catchphrase “Leave no step untaken.” Day after tomorrow I see the doctor to get the 24 hour blood pressure cuff monitoring. Holding out hope that she, the doc, will let me try to make progress without prescribing medicine. In for the kill… leave no step untaken!!

Date: 4/5/16 8:00 pm
Weight: 271.2 (Bathroom Scale – Fully clothed, no shoes)



One thought on “Leave No Step Untaken”

  1. Definitely proud of you for taking the bull by the horns–and trying to tackle this with natural means first … For trying to remedy the issues rather than medicating the outcome. Of course, if you ultimately need the meds, nothing wrong with that. But owning your health overall is awesome! I’ve saved your blog to my phone’s home screen so I can follow your progress!!!

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