Official Weigh-In: 4/8/16

Doctor Humor

The Blood Pressure Monister has been returned safely to the doctor from when it came… but not without leaving one final pleasing peace of info. The aforementioned Monister allowed me to sleep maaaaybe 4 hours last night. I woke up at 2:00, and unable to fall back out by 4:oo I said fuck it. Got up and had breakfast followed by a power walk on the treadmill. I intended the walk to be a mile, but at the end “Thrashard” by D.R.I. came on so I had to stay on until the song was over… mostly because I wanted to. Anyway, after a shower and recovery time, my final blood pressure reading before returning the Monister was 124/73!!! That might be a tad high for most of you, but that is probably the lowest I have ever seen my BP!

Then, after arriving to work, straight to the scale for the first official weigh-in… Drum roll… 273!!!! Moving in the right direction!






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