Hella Weights!

Weight Humor

In my effort to more effectively track the weight loss aspect of this adventure, I have decided upon an Official (LOL, yeah, like I could be THAT serious) Weigh-In Schedule. There are two scales I use regularly. One is a digital bathroom scale at home, the other is an industrial scale at work that is calibrated regularly in accordance to the state’s Weights And Measurements Laws. It is strong enough to support a hippo, so I am (at least for now) safe from destroying it… A few more donuts though… LOL. My Official Weigh-Ins will be on the scale at work first thing Monday and Friday morning. Thrill as you witness numbers… Marvel as you see digits… Become enraptured by pure ecstasy as you witness… OK, it’s not THAT critical… But my scores will be posted to (woo-haaa) keep me all in check.

The workday today is going to, for the most part, be sedentary… I have a lot of paperwork and end of the month reports to do… My calories will be rejoicing that they get to hang around a bit longer no doubt… those taunting fuckers.


Leave No Step Untaken

Just went for a power walk that was a bit over a mile long. Had a couple plates of salad and some fish for dinner at a local Chinese buffet (also a small amount of Mongolian Pork and boneless BBQ spare ribs… Baby steps…). I tried to be as active as possible at work today, giving myself a silly little catchphrase “Leave no step untaken.” Day after tomorrow I see the doctor to get the 24 hour blood pressure cuff monitoring. Holding out hope that she, the doc, will let me try to make progress without prescribing medicine. In for the kill… leave no step untaken!!

Date: 4/5/16 8:00 pm
Weight: 271.2 (Bathroom Scale – Fully clothed, no shoes)


Hypertension??? WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!


Hello there folks, my name is Shawn. On March 18, 2016 I turned 40. That same week I was at the doctors for a workers comp issue and my blood pressure measured in at 170/110. After 4 weeks of the doctor making a huge deal of it every time I went back for a follow up appointment, I finally made an appointment to see a general practitioner to hopefully get something done about it. I’ve always known I’ve had high blood pressure, but have conveniently swept it under the rug. However, now at 40, I’ve decided I’d like to get it under control.  I am not ready to be ejected off the planet for a premature arrival to Valhalla, the grave, or whatever death leads us to. I weighed 280 pounds (6’5″ height)  at the above mentioned doctor visit and have been close to that for most of my adult life. Since I don’t drink much, never smoke, and rarely feel what I’d consider to be an egregious amount of stress, I have decided that my diet (fried chicken is my favorite food) and my relative laziness/inactivity are the biggest culprits to my high blood pressure. I have switched to salads for lunch and most days Raisin Bran and a banana for breakfast. I need to stay motivated. I have a new 64 GB iPod I received for my birthday and it is loaded with over 12,000 metal, punk, and rock tunes. The music is going to be constant accompaniment for me on this journey, as it has been nearly every moment since I was a young teenager. This post probably seems like disjointed rambling, but it is just the beginning of what I hope is a journey toward health aided by heavy metal…and for once, self discipline. So… horns up, let’s roll!