Fuck You, Brain!

After getting in a little bit of arm/leg workouts at the park today, I knew once I got home I had to do a 2 mile treadmill attack. Well, I knew this would happen eventually, but my brain had other ideas… It was all like “Hey, I know, just eat healthy today and we can have a lazy day… we’ve earned it… c’mon, whaddayasay??” I sat around watching TV for about an hour and then I was figured I’d better get up and hit it. The mile mile of the walk my mind was going nonstop “yo, we don’t have to do this… I’m just not feeling it today. Let’s just give it a rest…” So as this most noble of organs kept running his mouth in the background, I kept on treading… then I had an idea… I was gonna punish my brain for being such a bitch. I decided that once I passed 2 miles, I was just gonna keep going until it shut the fuck up… Fuck you, Brain. I call the shots here… I ended up walking a little over 3.5 miles. Maybe the brain will learn that 2 miles isn’t so bad next time. If it keeps that up, I might just walk a fucking marathon. This blood pressure ain’t gonna lower itself 🙂


My playlist for the walk:

Workout Playlist 041016



Leave No Step Untaken

Just went for a power walk that was a bit over a mile long. Had a couple plates of salad and some fish for dinner at a local Chinese buffet (also a small amount of Mongolian Pork and boneless BBQ spare ribs… Baby steps…). I tried to be as active as possible at work today, giving myself a silly little catchphrase “Leave no step untaken.” Day after tomorrow I see the doctor to get the 24 hour blood pressure cuff monitoring. Holding out hope that she, the doc, will let me try to make progress without prescribing medicine. In for the kill… leave no step untaken!!

Date: 4/5/16 8:00 pm
Weight: 271.2 (Bathroom Scale – Fully clothed, no shoes)