Hella Weights!

Weight Humor

In my effort to more effectively track the weight loss aspect of this adventure, I have decided upon an Official (LOL, yeah, like I could be THAT serious) Weigh-In Schedule. There are two scales I use regularly. One is a digital bathroom scale at home, the other is an industrial scale at work that is calibrated regularly in accordance to the state’s Weights And Measurements Laws. It is strong enough to support a hippo, so I am (at least for now) safe from destroying it… A few more donuts though… LOL. My Official Weigh-Ins will be on the scale at work first thing Monday and Friday morning. Thrill as you witness numbers… Marvel as you see digits… Become enraptured by pure ecstasy as you witness… OK, it’s not THAT critical… But my scores will be posted to (woo-haaa) keep me all in check.

The workday today is going to, for the most part, be sedentary… I have a lot of paperwork and end of the month reports to do… My calories will be rejoicing that they get to hang around a bit longer no doubt… those taunting fuckers.